Golden Ticket Time

It's THAT time of year again ..we are
switching things up to make your Golden Ticket a bit more interesting, check out the info below!!!

Tournament of Champions:
your GOLDEN TICKET will get you $2500 in extra starting chips (the
extra $2500 can be used on top of the possible extra $3500 you can win
at RQ’s, for a total of up to $6000 in extra starting chips!  Great
advantage!)  You must originally qualify for the TOC at a regional
qualifier to use the Golden Ticket.
Monthly $300 Tournament: Your GOLDEN TICKET will gain you entry into the monthly $300 Cash Tournaments and an extra $1000 in starting chips!
This GOLDEN TICKET will be valid from October 24th, 2009 to April 30th, 2010.

Want  a Golden Ticket? It’s easy, just give a little BLOOD!!!
(see ELIGIBILITY restrictions below)

Saturday October 24th 2009 11am-4pm
STL Police Association Hall
3710 Hampton Ave

ELIGIBILITY (please, read all eligibility requirements)

must PRE-REGISTER for the Blood Drive by Emailing your name, and the
time you would like to donate (between 11a & 3:30p) by October 22nd
at 11:59pm. The email address is:

*Registration is limited to the first 80 TPP players who register via emaill!!! 

the last 2 drives the Red Cross has mounted concerns regarding the
number of people who pre-registered for the drive only to take
advantage of this promotion.  These individuals proceeded to the
screening process knowing that they could not/will not give blood and a
few were even as blatant as to tell others waiting what to say in the
screening room that would make then non-viable donors.  This practice
not only wasted valuable time that could have allowed others to donate,
but increased the wait time for those who were there for the right
reason!  During the last 2 drive The Red Cross kept a list of those
individuals to be used as reference for this drive. 
you feel you might have a condition that will not allow you to donate,
please read over the donor eligibility guide from the Red Cross: 
or check with your doctor.  Unfortunately, due to this issue, Golden
Tickets will not be distributed to those unable to donate.  Special
considerations and arrangements will be made on a case by case basis
for those who attempt to donate but were denied due to a unforeseen
circumstance not noted in the 

If you can’t donate but still want to get a Golden ticket, pre-register
a friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member in your name and your in!!
When pre-registering please include the persons name that is donating
for you along with your name.

*Golden Tickets are non-transferable!!