The Poker Pub 2009 National
Tournament will be held on June 2nd at the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas.

Winners will be notified by email with all the details by 2/18/09

Winners: if you have changed you email or did not include it on your voucher-please respond to:
Correspondence to any other email address will not be accepted.
*Final date to submit all information for the National Tournament will
be March 5th, 2009
New $300 Tourney Rules:

As of 1/1/09, a prize of $150 will be awarded to the

winner of each round. 
We will no longer be having heads up play at the end of the tournaments!

NEW RQ RULES as of 1/1/09

To reduce interruption of the regular game:

  -Players of the RQ tourney’s may not play in the regular game once they are knocked out.  
They may play in the mini’s.

-RQ tickets will not be given out if the RQ tournament is not played.


The winner of each RQ round will receive $2500 bonus for the TOC

Top 3 each round will receive $300 tickets


Starting 12/7/08, to help balance out the number of venues in each region, RQ Regions will be defined as:

Daves World Famous
Sport Zone
Georges on Clayton
That One Place
JP's Corner

Region #2:
Shot Heaven
Bean House
JB Rey’s Fry House
Shrewsbury Lanes

Jenenne Meadows was tragically taken from us this past Friday.  She was
loved by all the players and staff of the Poker Pub, she will be missed by all.

A memorial for Jenenne will be held Thursday 11/20 at Baue Funeral Home on
Cave Springs from 5pm-7pm.  In
luie of flowers the family asked that contributions can be made to the Jenenne
Meadows Trust Fund at 1st National Bank.

The Poker Pub STL sends our prayers and condolences to the family and
friends that Jenenne has left behind.  

Congratulations to Mel Wagner for taking the

Poker Pub National Chapionship!

This is the first time a St Louis player has won a National Tourny!

At heads up, Mel and a player from Springfield decided to chop the winnings and each walked away with $2500 and memories of a great trip to Las Vegas!

Thanks to everyone that joined us in Las Vegaas! We had great weather and lots of adventures. Please, post any stories or photos from the trip! We will get pictures up shortly!


St. Louis Double-Up Challenge!

Date Change: Due to problems getting the info out about this promo we are pushing the dates ahead to:

  March 17th - May 9th - Win cash or seats in the 2009 Poker Pub Nationals! -

Here's your chance for you and a partner to win seats for the 2009 Poker Pub National Championships along with your hotel stay! Here's how it works -

A Double-Up Pair will consist of 2 players. All pairs must register with the Poker Pub, and can register at any time, even after the Double-UpChallenge has begun by sending an email to This is the only email that will accept registrations. The email must include the names of both players, the pair captain, the pair captain's phone number and the pair name. Pair names may not include curse words, vulgarity or slurs of any kind.

For your pair to receive points, either of the pair must place in the top 8 at any nightly tournament. Players do NOT have to play at the same locations, or even together. In fact, from a strategy perspective, it is best to play at different locations to avoid taking your partner out. Here are the requirements for points (remember this is only for placement in the top 8):

3-5 times = 25pts 6-8 times = 50pts
9 times = 100pts** this is the maximum weekly points allowed!!

Team Members will receive more points for placing in the top 3 at any nightly game!
1st place= 3pts x table multiplier 2nd place= 2pts x table multiplier
3rd place= 1pt x table multiplier

The Table Multiplier is determined by the number of tables the tournament started with.
The following is the table multiplier table (same as regular points multiplier table):

1-2 Tables = 1x 3-4 Tables = 2x 5-6 Tables = 3x
7+ Tables = 4x

A week is Monday - Sunday, your pair must place at least 3 times in a week to receive points

The Double-Up Pair with the most points after 8 weeks will automatically win!

10 teams=$100 10-20 teams =$150 20-25 teams=$200

25+ teams= Seats at the 2009 Poker Pub National Tournament + Hotel Stay!!

Points will be updated by the 15th of the following month.
The Double-Up Challenge will be held from March 17th through May 9th. You do NOT need to be a current Poker Pub player to be part of a Double Up Pair. For any questions or to register your pair, please email us at,

** Not subject to double points nights
** Players will still receive regular nightly points
** Double-Up points are not added to regular points
* * Placement at the final table for RQs and TOCs DO accumulate points for the Double-Up Challenge

** There will be no substitutions. A Double-Up Pair from the start will consist of the same players through the entire promotion.

** If over 25 pairs participate, the winners may choose the 2009 National Championship Seats + Hotel or $200
** The winning Double-Up Pair will share a room during the 2009 Poker Pub National Tournament.An extra room and airfare will be available for purchase at our cost
* * Double-Up Pairs will be disqualified if they have been asked to leave any venue for any reason including unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal or physical aggression, collusion or cheating.

Monthly Cash Tournament: Starting 11/1/09
The stakes have been raised!

!st place- $400
2nd place-$200
3rd place -$100
4th place- $50
5th place- $40
6th place- $30
7th place-$25
8th place -$20

**prizes awarded as follows:
1-2 table game -1st place
3 table game- 1st & 2nd
4 table game 1st, 2nd & 3rd
5 table game 1st-4th
6 table game 1st-5th
7 table game 1st-6th
8 table game 1st-7th
9 table game 1st-8th

3 ways to qualify:

#1-Points- Top 130 points leaders during the month will receive automatic entry into the Cash Tournament. 
Top 3 points leaders will receive a REBUY card that can be used up to the 1st color up in the Monthly Cash Tournament**

#2 Nightly at the "Game of the Week"- each week , we will announce on the website 3 games at which you can win entries into the Monthly Cash Tournament.  1st, 2nd & 3rd place will win entries each round.

#3 Golden Tickets- every 6 months we host a charity Blood Drive for the Red Cross…donate and you receive a Golden Ticket

Extra Chips-
At any game, any night, you have the chance to win extra  for the Monthly Cash Tournament.
Each ticket you win gets you an extra $200 in starting chips up to $2000 *

Tickets will be awards for the following places:
1st place= 1 & 2 table games
1st & 2nd= 3 & 4 table games
1st, 2nd & 3rd= 5 & 6 table games
1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th= 6 tables and up.

Last Chance Qualification , REBUY  & Extra Chips
Each month, immediately before the  Monthly Cash Tourney,  we will host a Last Chance Qualification Tournament.  This tourney will be open to everyone will be "first come, first serve".

Not qualified, place in the top 20 in this tournament and your in!***

Already qualified?
Place in the top 20 and receive extra starting chips!****

REBUY BONUS: Place in the TOP 3 and you will , also, receive a REBUY ticket that can be used  anytime in the Cash Tournament until 1st color up. *****

*For a complete listing of rules, please click on RQ & TOC Rules to your left.

*Points and Extra Chip Cards are non transferable and can be used only for the Monthly Cash Tournament they are designated for. Maximum allowance for Extra Chip Cards is $2000.  Extra chips awarded during the Last Chance Qualification or through the Golden Ticket are awarded on top of any presented Extra Chips Cards.

**REBUYS are awarded to top 3 points placers during the month (not years total or accumulative) .  REBUY may only be used when the redeemers chip stack is 1500 or less and must be used before the first color up. REBUY cards are valid for 3 months from the date of winning and can be used only once.

*** Last Chance Qualification Tournament:  If a player has not qualified for the Monthly Cash Tournament, placing in the top 20 at the Last Chance Qualification Tournament will gain them entrance into the Monthly Cash Tournament.  They are not qualified to receive the Extra Starting Chips or REBUY.

****Extra Starting Chips will be awarded at the Last Chance Qualification Tournament only to players that place in the top 20 and have already qualified for the Monthly Cash Tournament.

*****REBUY BONUS will be awarded at the Last Chance Qualification Tournament only to players that place in the top 3 and have already qualified for the Monthly Cash Tournament. REBUY may only be used when the redeemers chip stack is 1500 or less and must be used before the first color up. REBUY cards are valid for 3 months from the date of winning and can be used only once.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in Channel 4's story on STL Poker!!

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