Congratulations to everyone who has registed by the deadline and will be joining us for the Nation Tournament in Las Vegas June 2nd- June 5th 2008.

The National Tournament will be help on the floor at Binions, the home of the WSOP, on Tuesday June 3rd!!! It looks like the total number of players in this years tournament will be about 125.

Everyone wish the players luck...

St Louis has not won a National Championship yet....

this will be our year!!!

While we know it is not always possible to make it to a game on time, we want to be fair to those who are. Therefore, the following tardy rule is now in effect:

Players who arrive after the scheduled start time of a tournament will forfeit 100 in chips for each 5 minutes they are late. We will continue seating until 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of each nightly tournament.

No one will be seated after the scheduled start time at Regional Qualifiers and TOC's.

Congrats to Jamal Yoder for winning the Negreanu Promotion Qualifier at The Crossings! Jamal will be flying to Phoenix on November 4th to compete with 7 other Poker Pub players to see who will advance to the Full Contact Poker final table for Seat #9!

Congrats as well go to Angela Dambach who was our first runner-up!



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Daniel Negreanu's Protege Event!!

The Poker Pub is pleased to announce an Exclusive offer for our players!! All TPP players are invited to come out to EVERY nightly tournament and play for a chance to become Daniel Negreanu's protégé!! The poker pub is the ONLY free poker league in the nation that is offering this opportunity, exclusively for YOU!!

Want to see what it means to be Daniel Negreanu's Protege? CLICK HERE!

From September 22nd to October 20th, the winner of each nightly session will have the choice of an entry into a Special Qualifying Tournament instead of the nightly prize. The St Louis Negreanu Tournament will be held on Sunday, Oct. 22nd at Crossings Tavern & Grille. Choosing the Negreanu Qualifier Ticket does not affect your TOC ticket - you still get that too!!

If you qualify more than once, each additional ticket will get you $200 in extra starting chips at the Tournament (up to 5 tickets or $1000 extra in chips). Keep you eyes on the website and nightly flyers for a number of special "Top 3" qualifiers during the month.

The remaining TOP 3 qualifiers are:

10th - Lefty's
11th - End Zone
13th - Lefty's
15th Crossings
16th Rec Room
17th Sports Zone and Morrissey's
18th Brewskeez FL
19th Meyer's
20th Shrewsbury

In the "Top 3" Qualifiers, the top three finishers in each tournament get the option of receiving a Negreanu ticket instead of their normal prize.

The winner of the STL Special Qualifying Tournament on October 22nd will advance to play at a final table of ONLY EIGHT Poker Pub players from around the nation. This “Final 8” tournament will be held in Phoenix, AZ (date and time to be announced - airfare and one night hotel stay will be furnished by The Poker Pub STL). The winner of the “Final 8” tournament will win a seat in the 10 person Free Play on-line single table tournament. The winner of the Free Play tournament will win a trip to Atlantis Resort & Casino, Paradise Island, Bahamas, and a seat at a 10 person live single table tournament. The winner of the Bahamas tournament will become Daniel Negreanu's protégé!

The top 8 at the STL Qualifier and all players who participate in the “Final 8” tournament in Phoenix, AZ will be awarded prizes, courtesy of Daniel Negreanu and The Poker Pub.

This is your opportunity to learn from one of the best Poker Players in the WORLD, and become the next “big splash” in the poker world!!

Daniel Negreanu's protégé grand prize package includes, but is not limited to, the following awards and privileges.

Priceless instruction and interaction with Daniel Negreanu

• The day after the protégé final table, the newly crowned protégé will spend a full day with Daniel, and together, they will outline a strategy for helping the protégé take his/her game to the next level
• Before, during or after each of the four (4) $10,000 buy-in poker tournaments, the protégé will spend quality time with Daniel going over strategy
• The protégé will be given a special e-mail address to correspond directly with Daniel about poker strategy and to ask any poker related questions
• The protégé will be invited to some of Daniel's exclusive poker events and appearances throughout the four months
• A closing party in Las Vegas will be planned for the protégé at the end of his tenure

Awards for achieving this grand accomplishment

• Four (4) month tenure with priceless, personal instruction from Daniel Negreanu
• (4) $10,000 buy-ins into major poker tournaments.
• Staking by FCP to test your abilities at different cash games and limits (at Daniel's sole discretion)
• Expenses at each tournament for travel and entertainment
• A special e-mail address to correspond directly with Daniel about poker strategy and to ask any poker related questions
• A specially engraved Luxury Watch commemorating Daniel Negreanu's protégé winner (retail value $2,000)
• Induction into the FCP Hall of Fame on the FCP website
• A closing Party in Las Vegas in honor of Daniels protégé at the end of his/her tenure
• BONUS OPPORTUNITY - Plus, if Daniel Negreanu's protégé wins any of the four major tournaments, he/she will earn an option to sign a management contract with poker's premier agency - Poker Royalty

We now have a special place for all our Championship Tournament Winners. Check out the new entry in our region menu for "TOC Winners". Here you'll find everyone who is bound for the 2007 Poker Pub National Championship or who have won a Points tournament or Special Promotion Tournament.

<-------------- St. Louis, MO / TOC Winners --> Last Winners Mar 3rd - Brian Jones, Tony Wilhelm, Monty VanHoose, Ken Cooper

Congrats to Toni Berry on winning the TOC on 22 April at Shrewsbury Lanes! Toni pulled some great cards and great moves on her way to the final table. We finished up with a phenomenal female on female heads-up contest to find our winner! Toni will be heading to Las Vegas with the rest of our TOC winners July 10th to play in our July 12th National Championship for a WSOP Seat! Click here for details...

Congratulations to our two New Player Promotion Winners!

The winner of the new player drawing is RIE MIYAKE refferred to The Poker Pub by Matt Lane! He wins a $50 Mastercard Gift Card and a premium 500 piece chip set.

The winner of the referrer drawing is JIM PETTI! Jim also wins a $50 Mastercard Gift Card and a premium 500 piece chip set.

Watch the web site for more promotions this summer!!

Congrats to Corey Palmer on winning the TOC on 8 April at Shrewsbury Lanes! Corey put a full court press on the final contenders and with help from Lady Luck won the trip to Vegas and the opportunity to win his way to the WSOP main event!

The final table started with nine players. Tom Whitmire came to the final table with a sizable chip lead. A half hour later, we were down to four players. The next hand had three players, Jessica LaMontagne, Paul Linnan and Tom Whitmire all in! Jessica flopped over her Q8d, Paul his Td8s and Tom his JhQc. The flop comes 8c3c2c! Jessica and Paul each caught a pair with their 8's. Jessica's kicker was better, but she was the shortest pre-flop meaning Paul would get a sizable side-pot. Tom was now praying for another club to pull him out of last place in the hand. The turn comes 2h helping no-one. The final card comes Tc giving Paul 2 pair, but it gave Tom the flush pushing both Jessica and Paul out of the tournament!

Now we are down to two players, Tom and Corey Palmer. Corey's been picking up chips here and there, but Tom has a sizable lead at this point.

Several hands later Corey pushed all in. Tom called with his big stack. Each flopped their hole cards. Corey had a A5off and Tom 83off. But the flop comes 678 rainbow giving Tom the lead! The turn was a winner for Corey though coming 9c and giving him the straight. K on river sealed the hand a sizable double-up for Corey. We are now about even...

With Corey barely covering Tom, Tom goes all-in pre-flop. Corey calls! Corey flops over a J7 off and is nearly sick when Tom flops over a pair of red Kings! The chips are pushed to the middle and we are off with Tom having a severe lead. The flop comes 9cAdJd closing the gap for Corey, but the over-pair still had him behind Tom. Then the turn comes 7c putting Corey in the lead! Now Tom's not looking too good, but he still has eight outs. No straights or flushs possible, but another A or 9 will counterfit Corey's two pair in Tom's favor and another K would give Tom the trips outright. The river comes Qs sealing the hand and the trip to Vegas for Corey!

Corey will be joining a group of TOC winners this summer in Las Vegas as he competes in The Poker Pub's satellite for a $10,000 seat in this year's WSOP Main Event. Good luck Corey!

Will you be our next Las Vegas winner?

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Congrats to Michael Cook on winning the TOC on Saturday, 25 March!

Michael will be joining a group of TOC winners this summer in Las Vegas as he competes in The Poker Pub's satellite for a $10,000 seat in this year's WSOP Main Event. Good luck Michael!

Will you be our next Las Vegas winner?

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Congrats to John Herr on winning the TOC this past Saturday at Shrewsbury Lanes! John's been playing with us for quite a while and finally found his way into the TOC winner seat. Even after the St. Patrick's day festivities we had 160 very anxious poker players competing for the Vegas trip and Poker Pub National Championship seat!

The final table started with nine players. No one person had a commanding lead and several were closely vying for the chip lead. The blinds were 10K and 20K so a few hands later, we were down to only a few players with John collecting quite a few of the chips. A couple more exciting hands later and we were down to three - John Herr (chip leader), Jeff Salazar and JJ Brand (JJ isn't in the picture, but you can see his chips - lower right...).

Several hands went by folding the blinds or checking down the deck before JJ decided to grapple with John and his stack. JJ goes all-in for about 160K with his 6h7d hoping to steal the blinds. But John called with his Ts4c! Things are looking pretty bleak for JJ, but he picks up a gutshot on the flop when it comes 3c9c5h! It's still a longshot, but you never know! The turn comes 6c to give JJ the lead with a pair of 6s. But, this gives John the flush draw! The river comes 8d to give JJ a straight and renewed hope!

But the renewed hope didn't last for long! A couple more hands and John took out JJ. It must have been a dark time for all because the pictures didn't turn out... So now we are left with Big Stack John and the up-to-now very quiet (and short-stacked) Jeff Salazar.

The next hand was do-or-die for Jeff. The now 40K-80K blinds put him all-in. Jeff flips over his 9c3c and winces when John turns over his Ad9d. Jeff's praying for threes and diamonds, but doesn't get much help with a Jc5d6s flop. The turn and river come up 2d2s giving John the win and Jeff the home-version consolation prize.

John will be joining a group of TOC winners this summer in Las Vegas as he competes in The Poker Pub's satellite for a $10,000 seat in this year's WSOP Main Event. Good luck John!

Will you be our next Las Vegas winner?

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