Congrats to our 6/4 TOC winners @ Max's!!!

1. Craig Boyd
2. Travis Estes
3. Todd O'Neill
4. John Chapin
5. Jason Aquino
6. Jesse Bazzell
7. Matt Raven
8. Brian Kraemer

Here is the 1st place winner Craig Boyd and 2nd place winner Travis Estes:

Brian Wintergalen is heading to Las Vegas after winning the TOC on 4/30/05 at All American Sports Bar!!!! Thanks to everyone who showed up!!

A big Congrats to our top 8 players at the TOC!!!
1. Brian Wintergalen
2. Chris Youngman
3. Frank Sears
4. Tracy King
5. Brian Lampy
6. Kenny Rich
7. Dennis Penberthy
8. John Latvinov

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